Japanese high school visits Guam despite North Korean threats


“We have found Guam is still safe” – Sano High School Principal Tanii Takao

Guam – Although many schools in Japan have recently cancelled trips to Guam because of fears driven by North Korean threats, the Sano Highschool decided Guam was safe enough to travel to.

17-year-old high school students have been on Guam for 4 days now. According to principal Tanii Takao this is the high schools fourth trip to Guam. Takao says they like coming to Guam because it is the closest piece of America to Japan and it allows them to learn about the American culture and lifestyle without having to travel too far. Takao says they were not concerned about the safety of Guam despite the recent threats by North Korea.

“We have found Guam is still safe. So, we decide to come to Guam. Our schedule we planned this trip for one year. So, we decided to come [and] we found this is [a] very safe island,” said Takao.

The Sano high school principal says the students were very satisfied with their trip because they got to enjoy a lot of water sports and meet a lot of kind people.