Jayson Song sentencing delayed

Jayson Song told the court that he is the victim and he will be filing an appeal on the conviction and sentence handed down against him in court.

Jayson Song will have to wait another two weeks to be sentenced as he may have a criminal record in the states which would impact how much time he will be made to serve.

It appears that Song’s rap sheet may extend to offenses committed in the state of Washington, according to the Probation Office, which reported that they have reached out to two agencies in Washington to clarify Song’s criminal record.

“I know that there are some issues and concerns that both the Attorney General and the defense counsel have … a criminal record that may have happened in the states that they want clarification on as well as some statements that he made to Officer Roberto which are different from what Mr. Song made to counsels,” a probation officer stated.

The Attorney General, meanwhile, has issues with the statutes of felonies which are reportedly not in line with the pre-sentence investigation report.

Song is waiting to be sentenced for convictions related to drug possession and intent to deliver a schedule two controlled substance namely methamphetamine.

Before the hearing ended Song took a moment to speak up about the media attention his case has received.

“There’s the media here … they called me a monster,” Song said.

In the midst of his statement, Song was quickly quieted by his attorney Clyde Lemons.

A sentencing hearing has been set for Feb. 21 at 8:30 in the morning.