Jennifer Cruz Supports Gutierrez/Aguon



Guam- With the Primary behind us and the General Election ahead Gubernatorial Candidates are now fighting for supporters from the Cruz/Espaldon campaign.

The Gutierrez/Aguon team has won the support of the wife of former Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Mike Cruz.  Jennifer Cruz last night announced her support for Democratic Candidate Carl Gutierrez and his running mate Senator Frank Aguon Jr.

Mrs. Cruz says her relationship with the Gutierrez family goes beyond politics and she thinks Carl Gutierrez is the right candidate for Guam.

“I’m probably putting my neck out there, but you know what maybe some people out there would despise me say I’m not Republican,” Cruz said with tears in her eyes.  “But you know what its not about being a republican.  I don’t care what anybody says.

“Throughout this campaign my husband and Jimmy (Espaldon) said to everybody out there you look into their eyes, look into their hearts and you tell yourself can you feel them?  Can you think they are right for Guam.”

Jennifer Cruz’s announcement at the Gutierrez/Aguon Headquarters came the same day that the Gutierrez Campaign moved into the former Cruz/Espaldon Campaign Headquarters.  The team will be using the Anigua building as a satellite campaign office.  The use of the space can be seen as a symbol of the Gutierrez/Aguon campaign reaching out to Cruz’s supporters.  That is something Gutierrez says also happened when he ran for Governor in 1994.

“What has happened the last few days also transpired back in 1994,” Gutierrez said Thursday night, with Jennifer Cruz at his side.  “We won that election because we cared about people.”

As for the Lt. Governor himself, Mike Cruz has not publicly supported Gutierrez/Aguon for Governor.