JFK Alumni Basketball Tournament Day 3


In the final game of the night, the 2014-2017 GREEN team used their athleticism and speed to power past the 2010-2013 GREEN 62-42.

Led by 24 points from Kurtis Silva, the 14-17 GREEN are now sitting on top of Pool B at 4-0. The older team attempted to use their size to pound the ball in, but 14-17 capitalized, matching them basket for basket.

In the first half, Silva lit up the scoreboard, dropping 12 of the team’s 28 points. Rey Sablan and Gino Pangilinan powered the 10-13 offense with 12 points to keep within striking distance to close the half down 28-22.

The second half saw a different 14-17 group as seven got on the scoreboard to combine for 34 points. Defensively, they held 10-13 down to only 20 points for the victory.

The 2014-17 GREEN will get its first challenge when they face the other undefeated team, 2003-2005 Wednesday at 7:45 p.m.

In the early game,1995-1999 overpowered a depleted Gold Mechanics for the 56-42 win. The Gold team had only six players, but sharp shooting from Paul Connor, John Hernandez and Ryan Nisperos kept the game within reach the first half. However, the 95-99 took advantage of the fatigue in the second half, pushing the offense to grab the win.

Mike Atoigue led 95-99 with 13 points, while teammate Chris Delfino added 10 in the win.

The Gold Mechanics’ Paul Connor led all scorers with 14 points in the loss. Hernandez chipped in 11, while Nisperos had 8 for the night.

Games continue every night this week. Playoffs are set to start Saturday morning at the Upper Tumon campus.

Information provided by Jay Antonio JFK Athletic Director