With Funds Now In Hand, JFK Groundbreaking Could Happen By Next Thursday


Guam – Good News for the John F. Kennedy High School stakeholders, the ground breaking of the new JFK high school campus could take place as soon as next Thursday (September 2nd).

Shortly after  8 am Wednesday morning, John F. Kennedy High School principle Ken Chargualaf received good news, from the Superintendent. News that the Certificate of Participation bonds to re-build John F. Kennedy High School have been sold.

According to Chargualaf, the next step is for the Department of Public Works to issue a notice to proceed with the groundbreaking for the new JFK Campus in Upper Tumon.

Guam Economic Development Authority Administrator Tony Blaz announced on the K-57 Breakfast Show that the offering raised $65.7 million dollars. According to Blaz the tax-free bonds sold quickly in New York on Tuesday of this week.

The elated Chargualaf says he immediately shared the good news with the school.

According to Chargualaf, “Right after the call I went over the PA system and made an announcement to the staff, teachers and the students and I heard a load cheer. So there’s a lot of excitement.”

According to Chargualaf, the unofficial information he received about the groundbreaking is that it could happen as soon as September 2nd.

Chargualaf say, “We are hoping to keep that date because we want to see IBC (International Bridge Corporation) break ground right away. We want to see construction of the new campus right after we turn the soil over. This is something that our school community has been looking to.”

Assistant Principle Asherdee Rosete says, “The Tiyan campus is an beautiful campus but its not a school, the new campus is what the students deserve.”

Chargualaf says he’s ecstatic about the prospect that they will be returning to their home by next school year. He says he is looking for the ribbon cutting to open the new campus in about 9 months from now. But once that happens, Chargualaf says there will be a lot of work to move everything from the interim school in Tiyan to the new campus.

Chargualaf hopes during this mass movement IBC will be an active participant to help them move the equipment and text books.

President and Vice President of the student body of JFK have both been waiting since their freshmen to hear this news. This is their senior year of high school and  It’s a bitter sweet feeling because they wont be able to attend the new campus.

President Niel Romero , “Says the way I think about it,  we were the last class to be on the original campus. I’m happy in the coming years future JFK students will be able to be on the same campus as we were three years ago.”

Vice President Justin Baldovino says he’s excited that the new campus will finally be built.

If everything goes as planned, the groundbreaking for the new JFK campus will be on September 2nd, and these then the JFK students will finally have a home.