JFK High School solar energy project on track

John F. Kennedy High School. (PNC file photo)

One school on Guam is closer to becoming GDOE’s first solar energy campus.

Barring any delays, the John F. Kennedy High School campus, the second oldest school establishment on Guam, will soon operate on solar energy.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez told senators this week that GDOE has set aside funding for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of solar panels at the school campus.

“Our understanding is that solar will be the main source of JFK or at least it will have the opportunity to pilot solar at a school and put some real numbers behind what was previous estimates of savings. So what we learn from JFK will hopefully help us pursue other options with the other schools,” Fernandez said.

Back in March 2020, the Legislature passed and the governor signed Public Law 35-76 which gave GDOE the authority to enter into power purchase agreements with solar providers for the 35 non-leased schools.

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The owners of GDOE’s leased schools, like JFK high, had already been authorized to bypass the government procurement process and move forward on their own to execute power purchase agreements with a vendor.

Unfortunately, due to the first COVID shutdown, GDOE has yet to exercise its authority under the new law.