Principal Ken Chargualaf Fears JFK Could Lose Its Accreditation


Guam – The Principal of  John F. Kennedy High School fears that JFK could lose its accreditation because the interim campus they now occupy lacks the the kind of infrastructure needed for full accreditation.

As students and staff  begin another year at the interim Tiyan campus, Principal Ken Chargualaf  says he hasn’t received any info about the finalization of the contract with the landlord, Core Tech International, or the provisions in the contract. He says he would like government leaders to include him in the process. Kenneth Chargualaf says. “I believe as the principle of JFK I should know exactly what is going on.”

Chargualaf says, “The reason why I’m very concern is that this is the year that JFK will be going through a full self study with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. One of the major criteria is, do we have the adequate resource to sustain the education program of our school. If we don’t have it we are placing the school at risk of losing accreditation status.”

According to Chargualaf, they have computers at the school but the they don’t have Internet service. Charguala says, many of the classes depend largely on internet because they are web based and there are some adverse implications in terms of the curricular programs that they offer at the high school.

And is there any word when you will get that issue taken care of? Chargualaf says he was told by the DOE Deputy of Finance Taling Taitano that they will probably receive Internet service within 3-5 months , so we are looking at December or maybe next year in Jan.

Taitano says,”That would be a concern because we would be half way through the school year.

Chargualaf also says another year has started and they still face the challenges that some of the science classes still lack critical equipment and components to carry out the curricular standards for their labs.

According to Chargualaf, JFK will be visited by WASC in March of 2011. He says, if we don’t have the minimum resources, that may have some adverse implications of the rewarding the number of years. We may not receive 6 years, we may probably receive 3 years or we could be denial.

According to Chargualaf, the goal is to have all the equipment and infrastructure in place before their visit. He says the WASC team will be looking at the progress the school has made to provide an adequate education to the student.