JFK students caught jaywalking to K-Mart after school, daily


Every day at around 1:50 pm to 2 pm, JFK students can be seen jaywalking en masse across the busy intersection to get to K-Mart. There is no supervision from the school as students cross, but the incident occurs in clear view of bus drivers.

Many students park their cars on the roof of the department store while others use it as a pickup spot for their rides.

This has been an ongoing issue. Drivers heading down that area are advised to slow down to avoid accidents, though there has not yet been any reported cases of vehicle-to-pedestrian accidents involving students in the area.

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PNC reached out to Michelle Franquez, Interim Public Information Officer for the Guam Department of Education, to alert her of the issue. She said she would “follow up with JFK admin.”

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez states that he is “not aware of any recent complaints or reports about this matter, but JFK administration has been alerted to this potential situation, so that they can address this with students who walk to K-Mart after dismissal.”

He adds that he will “be sharing the video with the Tamuning mayor and [their] partners at the Guam Police Department.”

This was not the first time that JFK students have jaywalked to get to K-Mart. “There is a fence erected along the center of the roadway,” says Fernandez, “intended to prevent jaywalking,” but the fence runs a few yards short of the crosswalk, and in that stretch of traffic, students can be seen illegally crossing.

At 2 pm today, PNC confirmed the situation is ongoing.