JGPO D.C. Public Affairs Officer Conhain Apologies for Comments


Guam – JGPO D.C. Office Public Affairs Officer Paula Conhain has sent PNC a response to insulting comments she made while having lunch with other military officers in a restaurant in Hagatna Guam.

As you may recall “We Are Guahan member” Cara Flores Mays was having lunch when she overheard a disturbing conversation amongst at least three military officers namely D.C. JGPO Communications Director Paula Conhain, marine forces pacific forward public affairs officer Lt. Colonel Aisha Bakkar, and JGPO Colonel Paul Pond. Flores-Mays says Conhain was making fun of the Chamorro accent of an elderly Chamorro man. She says Conhain questioned whether or not the man really had a degree at the University of Guam and ridiculed the man’s lack of teeth. Mays posted this on Facebook and it drew a response from Lt. Colonel Bakkar who apologized for the incident. Today PNC received an email from Conhain who also apologizes for the incident.

She says “Unfortunately portions of the conversation were taken out of context. I apologize if there was an impression that the discussion was offensive which was not my intent. I am committed to understanding the Guam community and Chamorro culture and to considering them as we work to move the program forward.”