JGPO Updates Guam Mayors On ROD


Guam- Officials from the Joint Guam Program Office (JGPO) paid the Mayors’ Council a visit Thursday morning to discuss the Record Of Decision (ROD) and the military buildup.

Executive Director Retired Major General David Bice presented to the council that over $955 million dollars is dedicated for off-base projects, starting immediately with port upgrades. He also says the Programmatic Agreement, which guides how historical and archaeological resources will be handled during the buildup, is a win-win situation because having a project by project approval will cause too many procurement delays on both the local and federal sides.

When Sinajana Vice Mayor Robert Hoffman asked about his relationship with the legislature, Bice says he can’t speak for them, but has met with every senator privately. He also mentions the ROD can’t address every concern on the table.

“There are long standing issues between the Federal Government and Guam that the Record of Decision did not address. That’s not the purpose of the document” said Bice. “It’s an environmental document, so issues surrounding War Reparations, Jones Act, new Compact Aid…all those things like that…they’re above my pay grade and far beyond the ability for the Marines to address and for our ROD to address. It doesn’t mean they’re not significant because they are significant issues. They’re worthwhile issues that need to be resolved.”

Bice adds the new Civilian Military Coordination Council (CMCC) will be meeting for the first time in October or 30 days after the Record of Decision was signed.