JIC #12: Make Sure You Stay Safe After the Storm


STAY SAFE: Tips to Make Sure You Stay Safe After the Storm

JIC Release No. 12 – Storm Update: July 30, 2014

As part of our recovery activities, we would like to pass information along to our families about how to ensure your environment is safe. This includes:

– Food safety
– Road conditions and driving safety
– Dealing with debris
– Using a generator

Guam EPA and Guam Waterworks Authority personnel will be evaluating the water and wastewater system on Thursday, July 31. Updates about the system will be provided online at http://epa.guam.gov and through the Governor’s Facebook page.

During the last major typhoon the water system was unstable.  This time was remarkably different.  Thanks to the improvements in infrastructure and the vigilance and diligence from GWA crews working during this storm, only one minor water outage was reported.  The island’s wastewater was always up and running.