JIC #20: Guam Remains in COR 1 as Typhoon Francisco Passes


Guam – The Joint Information Center has announced that Guam is now in Condition of Readiness 1 as the island braces for the passing of Typhoon Francisco. That means that we can expect damaging winds within the next 12 hours or sooner.

Typhoon Francisco’s closest point of approach to Guam is now expected to be around 10am this morning at a distance of about 90 miles to the west of the island.

READ JIC release #20 below:

For Immediate Release
JIC Release No. 20
October 17, 2013, 0132hrs (ChST)

As expected Governor Calvo has declared the island in Condition of Readiness-1.   This means that Guam can expect damaging winds in the next 12 hours or sooner.  GovGuam and public schools will remain closed.

Typhoon Francisco is now 130 miles West-Southwest of Guam.  Expect heavy showers and winds of 45mph with gust up to 55-60mph across our island.  These winds are expected to begin around 3:00 a.m. and end around 3:00 p.m.   Closest point to Guam is expected to be about 90 miles west at around 10:00 a.m.

Monitor information on radio/TV outlets, the Governor’s Facebook page and Guam Homeland Security Facebook for storm updates.  Please stay indoors and do not drive.  Contact your village Mayor should you need evacuation to the nearest shelter.

Call the Joint Information Center should you have any questions.  

READ JIC release #17 below:

JIC News Release #15
October 17, 2013 (8:50 p.m. ChST)

We’re going to get strong winds and rains from Typhoon Francisco as it moves past Guam tomorrow. Public schools and the government of Guam will be closed tomorrow. At 8:30 p.m. the Governor declared Guam in Condition of Readiness 2. This means we can expect damaging winds and rains within the next 24 hours. Condition of Readiness 1 is anticipated at 1 a.m. Friday – barring any movement west.

The typhoon will not pass directly over Guam, but it will pass close enough that we’ll get strong winds and rains over an 11-hour period tomorrow. Winds of about 40-46 mph will start around 7 a.m. in the southern villages and 8 a.m. in the northern villages. These winds and rains will continue until 6 p.m. That’s the forecast as of now. As always, the weather can change. We can get stronger winds and rains, or weaker winds and rains.

To put this into perspective, the winds and rains we’re expecting tomorrow will be a little stronger than the rainstorm we had a couple weeks ago. These winds and rains will continue for a longer period: 11 straight hours. We should also note that the occasional wind gust of about 60 mph will go through the island as the typhoon’s rainbands whip past us.

Going to work tomorrow?
–          The government of Guam will not be open. Only emergency personnel and those manning the Emergency Operations Center and the Joint Information Center will be working.
–          If you work for the private sector, please contact your supervisor or employer to find out if you’re working tomorrow. Employers should make their decision to open tomorrow based on best judgment that considers the safety of themselves and their employees.
–          The military is expected to remain in COR3. While GovGuam’s threshold for COR2 is the onset of 39 mph of sustained winds,  the military’s threshold for COR2 is the onset of sustained winds of 58 mph. The reason GovGuam and the military will not be on the same COR is because the military has different assets and does not have weak shelters, like wood and tin homes, like the local government is concerned with.  Governor Calvo opened emergency shelters earlier tonight because hundreds of residents need shelter from strong winds and rains.  The local government also is concerned with the much-larger issue with traffic in heavy rains.

Going to school tomorrow?
–          Classes are canceled for all public schools, Guam Community College, and University of Guam.
–          We are contacting the principals, presidents, and chancellors of the private schools to advise them of the situation and encourage them to cancel school tomorrow. Please stay tuned for more information on this. DPW will NOT provide school bus services tomorrow.

Other questions?
The Joint Information Center is working on answers to several questions you may have. Please stay tuned to the radio and standby for our news releases if you’re on our list or accessing this information through the Governor’s Facebook page. Please keep pa battery-operated radio ready in case the power goes off.

Speaking of power, Guam Power Authority has ramped up its operations crew to bring power back on line as quickly as possible whenever reported outages occur.