JIC #204: 227 tested Sunday, zero positive


The Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) tested 227 individuals for
COVID-19 on Sunday, June 28.  Zero tested positive.

The results include 59 samples from COVID-19 drive-through testing held at the St. Francis church parking lot in Yona on Thursday.

To date, there have been a total of 248 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 5 deaths, 179
released from isolation, and 64 active cases. Of those cases, 206 are classified as civilians , and 42 are military service members .

The following breakdown provides cumulative COVID-19 test results for Sunday, June 28.

COVID-19 test results are reported from multiple labs at varying times of the day. The
cumulative total from all labs will be reported on a nightly basis, unless unavailable.

For the latest information on COVID-19, visit dphss.guam.gov or guamrecovery.com.

For inquiries on COVID-19, contact 311 through a local number, or call the Joint Information Centerat (671) 478-0208/09/10.