JIC #8 – Guam DOE Schools and GovGuam Will Be Open THURSDAY


Guam – The Joint Information Center has issued release #8 advising the Guam DOE Schools and GovGuam will both be open THURSDAY.

READ JIC release #8 below:

Status quo for now; schools, GovGuam to open tomorrow

JIC News Release #8
October 16, 2013 (9 p.m.ChST)

Get some rest tonight. Governor Calvo  does not plan to close schools tomorrow, or open shelters at this time. Please stay tuned to the radio starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning to see if this decision changes based on any change in the forecast. GovGuam also will opentomorrow morning. The island will remain in Condition of Readiness 3. That’s the decision as of now.

Tropical Depression 26W is about 90 miles south-southwest of Guam. That’s a little further south than anticipated a few hours ago. This doesn’t mean the worst conditions are over; it just buys us more time to reassess the situation in the morning and change these decisions in case the weather changes.

We’re going to maintain readiness through the night and reassess whether Tropical Depression 26W will affect Guam further at around 4:30 a.m. tomorrow.

Parents and school officials should listen to the radio for an update around 5 a.m. tomorrow morning if the weather changes.

Parents can also receive updates on public schools over a text alert.  Visitwww.guampdn.com/sms to sign up for this service.

The Governor wishes all Guamanians a pleasant night’s rest. Civil Defense and the Governor’s Office will be monitoring the situation all night.