JIS: What You Should Do to Prepare


Guam – The Joint Information Center has issued the following advise to resident on what to do to prepare for the passing of Typhoon Francisco.


We provide you these tips so you can take all precautions. You should take these precautions even if you believe this is not a strong storm. The weather can be deceiving.

Prepare a disaster kit that will last you up to 72 hours.

Items should include:
·      Bottled water
·      Canned goods
·      Toiletries
·      Baby needs
·      First aid kit
·      Prescription medications
·      Blanket
·      Candles and matches
·      Flashlights
·      Batteries
·      AM/FM Radio

Secure your home:
·      Close shutters
·      Secure loose debris
·      Ensure pets are tied and in a safe location (bring them indoors when COR 1 is declared)
·      Charge all your electronics that require power for charging

Make a Plan:
·      Know your village Mayor’s contact information
·      Know your nearest evacuation shelter
·      Plan a safe route to your shelter or secure location


·      Monitor information on radio/TV outlets, the Governor’s Facebook page (Eddie Baza Calvo), and Guam Homeland Security Facebook (Guam Homeland) for storm and information updates
·      Driving during C.O.R. 1 is extremely dangers; stay indoors and do not drive
·      Call 911 in a life-threatening emergency
·      Stay indoors until the Joint Information Center or a reliable news source announces C.O.R. 4, or “All Clear”
·      Contact your village Mayor should you need evacuation