DOL Dec. ’13 Employment Report: 170 More Private Sector Jobs, Construction Jobs Lead the Way, But Average Hourly Wage Falls


Guam – The December 2013 Employment Report from the Guam Department of Labor shows 170 more private sector jobs on island compared to December of the previous year.

Construction jobs make up the bulk of the increase, there were 580 more construction jobs, but that number was “reduced by the loss of jobs in the ALL other manufacturing and Retail Trade sectors” resulting in a net gain of just 170.

The report also notes that the “modest private sector gains” were off-set by reductions in the government sector.

READ DOL’s December 2013 Employement Report HERE   

In addition, the number of GovGuam jobs fell by 160 compared to a year ago, and federal jobs on island decreased by 60 positions from December 2013.

And while the number of private sector jobs has grown, the average private hourly wage has fallen from $12.95 cents an hour to $12.77 an hour. 

READ the release from the Calvo Administration below:

MORE JOBS: Jobs in Private Continues to Grow

“As our economy continues to grow, so will the number of jobs for our people.  This means more families can provide for themselves, and work to make their dreams come true. Not only is your government working to better serve you, we also are ensuring that your Guamanian Dream becomes a reality. For this, I am excited to share this journey with you. We are moving in the right direction together.” – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Guam’s Workforce Continues to Grow   
Just one month after showing drops in nearly every unemployment category, Guam continues its path in the right direction with more jobs in the private sector.  According to the latest employment report from December 2013, Guam’s private sector has seen a steady growth in employment with 170 new jobs since December 2012.   

This is a result of increased construction, transportation, public utilities, finance, insurance, and real estate, according to the Department of Labor 2013 Current Employment Report.  Construction employment was up by 220 in the quarter and up by 580 jobs compared to last year.

The report states there are 46,270 current positions held in the island’s private sector with the average hourly earnings of $12.77.

Public Sector Jobs Decrease   
While the private sector continues to grow, the government—through attrition, and retirement, has seen decreases in employment.  The government of Guam has 160 fewer jobs compared to last year, while the federal government has 60 fewer jobs compared to the same period.

Total employment for the island was virtually constant over the year with private sector gains off-set by reductions in the government sector.