Joel Joseph, Allied Health Board Meeting Postponed


Guam – A hearing for an ex parte motion filed by the Guam Board of Allied Health on the stay involving Wise Owl veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph has been delayed.

The GBAHE filed the ex parte motion seeking relief from the temporary stay that Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo issued last month. The temporary stay halts the board’s recent decision to suspend Dr. Joseph’s veterinary license.

Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Abrams, who also represents the Allied Health Board, says the ex parte motion hearing was rescheduled for next Thursday, August 9 at 11 am. It was supposed to be heard by Judge Bodallo today at 11 am.

Abrams tells PNC News that it is unusual for a judge to delay a hearing on an ex parte motion; however, he continues to express confidence that the GBAHE can persuade the judge to dissolve the stay.