John F. Kennedy High School holds graduation

JFK held its 2021 graduation ceremony Wednesday afternoon. (PNC photo)

It’s graduation time for Guam Department of Education high schools starting with John F. Kennedy High School.

The number of graduates this year is lower than JFK’s usual average of about 350, JFK Principal Dr. Barbara Adamos said.

But Adomas said that what makes this year’s class stand out from the rest (other than most of them didn’t see their peers throughout the entire school year) is that their top 20 students had grade point averages of over 102.

“That’s amazing considering they’re online learners and a handful were face-to-face learners. But they maintained the tenacity in their studies whether it was online or face-to-face and they still targeted their place in the ranking. It just says a lot about this class because the majority of them are graduating, it’s just 27 that we’re going to help and get on track and get their diplomas by the end of summer,” Adamos said.

This is the high school’s second graduation motorcade as they are still compiling with current CDC protocols.

Adamos expressed her amazement that despite the graduation restrictions, students and families still got creative and made the best of the situation.

“Families decorated and adapted their cars so that all their family members can fit and make a big show as they drive around the campus and then go on stage to get their diploma,” Adamos said.

She added: “It was amazing to see in light of the struggles of the economy, they’re still supporting our rental businesses and getting convertibles to just help the students celebrate. I actually just saw a Hummer limousine in one of the pictures that my staff sent me.”

The school will also have 27 more graduates from the summer school session at their Rainbow Graduation by possibly the end of July.