Joint Commission publishes quality inspection report on GMH

(PNC file photo)

Guam – The Joint Commission’s quality inspection report for the Guam Memorial Hospital released over the weekend will not surprise many as it lists several areas of deficiency that have already been made public when we obtained copies of the preliminary report.

The Joint Commission published its quality inspection report on its website listing 40 areas the hospital was found to be out of compliance with. Some of these include:

  • leaders creating and maintaining a culture of safety
  • clear and accurate medication orders
  • availability of resuscitation services
  • maintaining competent staff to perform responsibilities
  • communicating safety information to those who need it
  • complying with laws and regulations
  • establishing and maintaining a safe and functional environment
  • making food and nutrition products available to patients
  • protecting patients, staff and visitors when life safety codes are not met or during periods of construction
  • reducing risk of infections with medical equipment and devices
  • managing emergency medications
  • verifying staff qualifications and giving patients; and
  • family members the right to have complaints reviewed by the hospital

You can read the full inspection report here.