VIDEO: Joint Commission Takes GMH’s Full Accreditation Down a Notch


Guam – The Joint Commission on Accreditation has informed the Guam Memorial Hospital that its accreditation status has been changed from full Accreditation to Accreditation with Follow-Up Survey.

It is a step down from the hard fought full accreditation that GMH won in the summer of 2010.

READ the Joint Commission’s letter to Acting GMH Administrator Rey Vega

In the letter to Acting GMH Administrator Rey Vega dated last Wednesday, the Joint Commission informs Vega that the change in status is the result of a review meeting they conducted on GMH on December 6th.

Vega told PNC News today that the change in accreditation status is the result issues noted in the survey earlier this year by the Centers for Medicare Services and by the Joint Commission’s own surprise survey earlier this year.

However he maintains that the change in accreditation status is not a downgrade but a qualification.  It is official  notice that the Joint Commission wants to verify its  decision on Full Accreditation by conducting a full survey sometime before February.

The Joint Commission letter also states that they will conduct “an unannounced Accreditation with Follow-Up Survey in approximately two months.”

And Vega says the upcoming “unannounced” survey is no surprise.

The Joint Commission already advised GMH that it was coming. He said that the Commission wants to be sure that GMH is in fact implementing the corrective action to correct the deficiencies cited in the earlier surveys.

Vega expressed confidence that GMH will pass that survey and maintain its full accreditation.