Joint Region Marianas Celebrates Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month


ASAN, Guam (NNS) — Command Sailors and personnel gathered to recognize Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month at the Joint Region Marianas (JRM) headquarters in Asan, Guam, May 15.
JRM Commander Rear Adm. Tilghman Payne said it’s important to celebrate diversity events as each individual culture brings unique aspects and perspective to the workplace.

“Each of these little places is separate and distinct,” he said. “They all have culture that is different, they have many common values (and) we honor the same general things. Everyone is a great contributor in what we do but it’s almost a microcosm of what I view as sort of the Department of Defense the diversity that’s present in the Department of Defense.”

Cmdr. Tara McArthur-Milton, JRM Total Force Manpower director, helped coordinate the event, which included a traditional Samoan dance, trivia game and a special video presentation of monologues from JRM personnel.

“Where we’re located we’re just in the center of things in terms of the Asian-Pacific culture,” she said. “So we have a lot of diversity amongst our staff so I think it’s important that we recognize that and educate ourselves on those different cultures and recognize contributions from those cultures.”

McArthur-Milton added that educating others about different cultures offers a chance for people to get to know each other better in order to work better and more efficiently.

“It’s really important that they understand one another and understand the strengths that these people bring to the table and really leverage those strengths as we work towards making sure that we’re meeting all our objectives when it comes to mission accomplishment,” she said.

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