Jon Fernandez Contract Renewed by Unanimous Decision


The Guam Education Board met for a brief executive session before coming back to vote on Fernandez contract. 

Guam – The Guam Education Board has voted unanimously to renew Jon Fernandez as GDOE Superintendent, now the board, along with Fernandez must negotiate and finalize his current contract.


 With nine votes yay and zero votes nay, the Guam Education Board (GEB) has unanimously voted to renew Jon Fernandez as Guam Department of Education Superintendent. GEB Chairman Peter Alexis Ada says there is still a long way to go before Fernandez is finalized as Superintendent.


“We have from now until at least march 1st to come to some kind of agreement with a contract, we can look at the contract the superintendent has now,” said Ada. “Or the other option would be for the board to review the content of the contract and suggesting any changes they see fit but it has to be mutually agreed by both parties before it’s a sign on, now there’s a long process for this.”


Ada says the same committee that reviewed Fernandez’s letter to push up the renewal process is the same body that will be negotiating his contract. Fernandez says he doesn’t expect the contract negotiations to take any longer than his first negotiation, which was one month.


 I’ve already communicated to them that I’m not seeking any material change to the contract, so I’m not seeking additional compensation simply to determine the dates of the contract going forward how long that contract would be,” said Fernandez.


Now that there is some clarity, Fernandez says he will continue to look forward to GDOE projects such as the evaluation of a 100-million dollar bids to renovate Simon Sanchez, the pilot pre-k program and installing solar panels on four different GDOE schools. Back in November, U.S. DOE officials were on island assessing GDOE’s high risk status, Fernandez says he discussed a possible change of leadership with the incoming us secretary of education and whether it would impact GDOE’s progress.


“He asked whether I thought a change in leadership would impact that, and I said you know we hope not. I think it’s understandable that if there is a change in leadership, the US [DOE] is going to want to see, what happens under the new leadership, will the same people be in place, will the momentum be the same, so that they can gauge what the appropriate time to come in and review whether were ready to move off,” said Fernandez.


At last nights board meeting, GEB chairman Peter Alexis Ada said that Fernandez is only the second superintendent, the other being Nerissa Underwood, to finish a full three year term as GDOE superintendent.