Jon Junior Calvo appointed Adelup Chief of Staff

Jon Junior Calvo

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has appointed Jon Junior Calvo as Chief of Staff in a permanent capacity and Alice Taijeron to serve as Deputy Chief of Staff.

“We’ve chosen Jon to help us lead this government at the highest level because he has proven himself to be effective, earnest, honest, and energetic. As a young husband and father, Jon understands the tremendous importance of our service to the people of Guam. He knows that our mission is to build a Guam that is safe, prosperous, and fair. And he won’t rest until that mission is accomplished,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero.

“Calling on a wealth of experience at both a local and federal level, most recently as the District Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Bordallo, Jon has the tools to do the job. Guided by his faith and good-hearted nature, we know he will serve our people well,” said Lieutenant Governor Josh Tenorio.

“I trust Alice Tajjeron, her experience and integrity. As the current President of the Guam Housing Corporation, the former Director of Empower Retirement, and a staffer to Congressman Robert Underwood, Alice knows how to get things done the right way and I’m happy to have her on board at this critical juncture,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero.

“Alice is a no-nonsense manager who confronts challenges directly and works to bring people together. I look forward to her work on behalf of the People of Guam and our administration,” said Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio.

Taijeron will continue to lead Guam Housing Corporation until October 25.