Jonathan Roy Santos Charged With Theft In Last Friday’s Veterans Cemetery Burglary


Guam – 22 year old  Jonathan Roy Santos has been charged with burglary and theft of property in connection with last Friday’s theft of gardening equipment and tools from the Piti Veterans cemetery. A small maintenance vehicle known as a “Red Mule” and described it as being “like a golf cart”  was stolen along with a bush-cutters, a blower, a chain saw, a water blaster and other equipment.

READ the magistrates’ complaint [scroll down to read the Santos complaint]

According to the magistrates complaint, Guam Police received information from Santos’s aunt “who told officers that her nephew, Jonathan Roy Santos burglarized the Veteran’s Cemetery in Piti.”

The complaint states that Santos had been staying at his aunt’s house  and that she saw him using a red chainsaw and other power tools and became suspicious when she read reports of the Veterans Cemetery burglary.