Jose Rios Middle School Robbed for the 5th Time this Month

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“What are the mitigation plans?” is a question posed to the Guam Department of Education by the Mayor of Piti —- Jesse Alig, due to the recent break-in to Jose Rios Middle School.

This recent break-in to Jose Rios makes it the 5th time this month alone that the school got robbed.

In response to the break-in, Piti Mayor Jesse Alig consulted with the principal of Jose Rios.

Some mitigation ideas that were brought up were ideas like cutting the grass, fixing fences, and surveillance of the areas.

However, Mayor Alig, in an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, asked “what are the mitigation plans?” which was aimed toward GDOE. As the full solution cannot come from the Mayor’s office alone.

Furthermore, in another interview on Newstalk K57 Deputy Superintendent, Erika Cruz, reaffirms that it should not be up to the Mayor’s Office.

PNC previously reported that the middle school is a prime target for thieves as it is closed off from the rest of the village due to it being close to the jungle area, which makes it easy for thieves to cut into the school.

To help solve the issue and to protect the island’s students, Cruz says that GDOE is looking into using ARP funds to purchase alarm systems for all GDOE schools.

Cruz also gave details on what was stolen at Jose Rios saying, ” People that are breaking in they’re not stealing government equipment or anything like that these are small items such as rummaging through the teacher’s desk and stealing coins and food and whatnot. ”

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