Josie’s Batchoy disputes claims of maggots in sponsored IG post


Other establishments whose sanitary permits were suspended, meanwhile, remain closed.

Guam – Josie’s Batchoy is responding to recent reports of maggots being found inside of their fried chicken.

In a sponsored post on Instagram, Josie’s Batchoy Manager Von Cabral listed what appears to be a timeline of when the fried chicken was ordered and consumed. Cabral says the chicken was ordered on Tuesday with three out of the four pieces of chicken being consumed at home. The fourth piece was stored and then eaten one to two hours later with the infamous maggots seen in the pictures that circulated social media.

But Cabral says maggots can hatch as early as eight hours after eggs are laid. The maggots seen in the pictures, however, appear to be one to two days old and alive. Cabral seems to dispute the possibility that Josie’s Batchoy would be the source of the maggots as maggots would die in boiling oil.

He also says that all their fried chicken are sold on the day of and never recycled for the next day.

An inspection by the Department of Public Health and Social Services, did, however, reveal some minor violations.

“The inspection resulted in 13 demerit points so there are some deficiencies that we did observe and they were cited accordingly. They were given the letter grade b so they are required to correct those violations and when ready we will return to do a follow up inspection,” said Tom Nadeau, administrator for the Division of Environmental Health.

Nadeau also provided us with an update on the recent establishments whose sanitary permits were suspended.

Two food stalls at the Dededo Mall were shut down last week and to this date they remain closed. Nadeau says the two food vendors have not yet sought a follow up inspection.

The status for Verona Resort, which was partially shut down last week for pest and mold infestation, meanwhile, has not changed.

“There was a request I believe it was early this week. We did visit the site and unfortunately they have not corrected all the violations. So we–the status hasn’t changed, they still are not allowed to allow guests to floors first through eighth,” noted Nadeau.

The Hills Tavern located inside of Verona Resort remains closed down as well.