Journalist Richard Lui is On Island to Address Graduates at UOG Commencement Ceremonies


The University of Guam will be recognizing 269 prospective graduates during their Fall 2015 Commencement Ceremonies this weekend with commencement speaker Richard Lui.

Guam – Renowned journalist Richard Lui is on island to provide some insights not only about his profession but for prospective graduates as well. 

Lui says he didn’t start his career in journalism, he actually attended business school first. He says, “Sometimes a door opens up. I had done journalism in college as a radio journalist. I loved to listen to radio news and I used to fall asleep listening to news talk radio. I just loved listening to folks talk about news. Then when a door opens up I said this is perfect.”
Lui explains that he always had a passion for journalism. He landed his first job as a broadcast journalist at Channel News Asia in Singapore. Since then, he worked for CNN for about five years and now he’s an anchor for MSNBC and NBC News. 
When asked what his advice would be for aspiring journalists, he says, “Why? Why do you want to be a journalist? That would be my advice. If you want to be a broadcast journalist, I will ask you why. We get answers at our convention…if I hear because I want to be on TV then next. So that’s the biggest question…why?”
Lui will be the commencement speaker for the University of Guam’s commencement ceremonies this weekend. Even though he doesn’t have his entire speech mapped out just yet, Lui says he hopes to inspire the graduates.
He says, “President Underwood asked me to discuss what it’s like to be in the media, what is it like to tell stories and what might be applicable to their future, so that’s the question I’ll try to answer. Also to share some responsibilities of telling stories as well be graduates…what their stories are, what are the stories they’ve written so far in their lives.”
According to a release, UOG will recognize 269 prospective graduates during their Fall 2015 Commencement Ceremonies at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 20th at the UOG Calvo Field House.
Of the expected graduates, 192 will receive undergraduate degrees and 77 will receive graduate degrees. The combined 269 graduates is the highest for any Fall Commencement in the University’s history.