JP Torres Alternative School Now Another Gateway to Graduation

The Guam Department of Education is anticipating a complete revamp of JP Torres Alternative School in the coming weeks.

Guam – What was once an alternative school where middle and high school students with disciplinary and behavior problems were sent to for rehab, it will now serve as an alternative pathway to graduation for older students who need help graduating from high school.

DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says through observation over the years, some of the students would fall further behind academically or have a hard time re-integrating into their home schools.

Over the past few weeks, teachers at JP Torres have been working hard to design their various programs and courses in preparation for the opening of the new Alternative School. 

Fernandez says, “What we’re re-designing the program to do is to serve some of our older students, 17 years or older, who are one or two years behind where they should be. We’re using this program to enable these students to recover credits so that they can graduate from high school and get their diplomas instead of falling further and further behind. The change of environment, ensuring that they make academic progress are important.”
Fernandez says since this year will kick off the start of the new program, teachers will be looking into innovative ways of teaching, whether it’s more on-line classes, project-based learning, or one-on-one tutoring.