JP Torres Success Academy Expands Program to Accommodate 100 Students

This project is an interventions program, which is 100% Federally Funded by the Title V-A Consolidated Grant.

Guam – JP Torres Alternative School is now going by the name JP Torres Success Academy and they have expanded their program to accommodate more students.

A special assembly was held at the school this morning to celebrate the expansion. According to Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez, the program went from accommodating 60 students to 100 students. During the ceremony, Fernandez and Principal Eli Mesa welcomed the new group of students to JP Torres. Also as part of the ceremony, current students reaffirmed their commitment to completing the program and their high school education. Last year in September, JP Torres revamped their program. What was once an alternative school where middle and high school students with disciplinary and behavior problems were sent to for rehab, now servse as an alternative pathway to graduation for older students who need help graduating from high school. The school now focuses on credit recovery.