JP Torres Success Academy holds graduation ceremony

JP Torres Success Academy held its graduation Monday. (PNC photo)

JP Torres Success Academy held its graduation motorcade Monday, proving that no matter what challenges come their way, it won’t stop these Wolves from getting their high school diplomas.

JP Torres Success Academy is the Guam Department of Education’s accredited credit recovery program.

It’s designed for students ages 18-21 years old who are either lacking a certain amount of graduation credits or those who feel that the traditional high school setting doesn’t suit them.

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Dr. Asherdee Rosete, JPTSA Principal, is proud of the tenacity and resilience this class has shown despite the challenges they are already facing, including the pandemic

“They focused, they anchored down and made sure graduation was a priority. So I think their hard work paid off. In addition, many of our students already have jobs. They’re employed, they’re caregivers for their families. So on top of their already busy schedules, they’re able to complete this program and actually again a high school graduation diploma in addition to all of their responsibilities,” Rosete said.

The school graduated about 30 students.