JRM Commander weighs in on escalating tensions in the Indo-Pacific region

JRM Commander Rear Admiral John Menoni (US Navy photo)

The Commander of Joint Region Marianas is weighing in on what can be perceived as escalating tensions of late in the Into-Pacific region.

Just recently, China fired several missiles into the South China Sea, one of which is known as the “Guam Killer”.

There was also that video on social media of Chinese bombers attacking what looked to be a simulated Andersen Air Force Base.

The U.S. military has been clear in its desire for a free and open Indo-Pacific, with JRM Commander Rear Admiral John Menoni saying that goal requires that we defend it.

On the air with Newstalk K57, Menoni says it’s crucial that we posture ourselves to prevent any infringements to that desired end-state.

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“So, I wouldn’t characterize it as people need to sit up and take notice and be worried that tensions are going to escalate, or that things will go the wrong way. I would in fact ask people to sit up and take notice that all services and all partners out here really are dedicating themselves to preserving our way of life out here and that we’re posturing ourselves in a manner that if someone tries to take that away from us, we’re not going to allow it,” Menoni said.

The U.S. military wrapped up its massive, joint-forces Valiant Shield exercise on Guam at the end of September.

And Menoni says they’re watching the COVID situation on the island closely, hoping the spike in civilian cases won’t hamper any future exercises or operations.