JRM: Relocation to Guam of 5,000 Marines and some 1,500 family members on track


The Defense Policy Review Initiative plan of record is in full execution and on track to support DoD’s agreements with the Government of Japan.

Per agreements, the Marine Corps is committed to commencing the relocation of approximately 5,000 Marines to Guam by the end of the first half of the 2020s.

Less than 1,500 family members are expected to arrive in Guam during the relocation. The arrival of personnel will be staggered, and the rate of the force flow will be based on the pace of construction of facilities to support those forces.

Approximately 800 jobs available to civilians are expected to be created. Job opportunities will be available to those who meet the specific criteria and requirements for the position.

Guam infrastructure upgrades funded by the DoD include roadway improvements, water and wastewater infrastructure improvements, and the modernization of Guam’s commercial port.

Additionally the DoD has facilitated a $12 million grant for construction of the future Guam Cultural Repository. This facility will serve as a key resource for ongoing research, education, and interpretive activities by and for the people of Guam, and will also enhance outreach and tourism activities as visitors to come to know and appreciate the history of the CHamoru people in Guam and throughout the region.

Additional construction, cultural resource, and environmental stewardship information can be found on the MCB Camp Blaz website and the NAVFAC Pacific Cultural Resources Information websites:
. https://www.mcbblaz.marines.mil/Environmental-Program/
. https://www.navfac.navy.mil/navfac_worldwide/pacific/about_us/cultural_resou

(JRM News Release)