Judge Denies Jimmy Song’s Request for Reduced Prison Term


Guam – Superior Court Judge Vern Perez has denied a request to reduce the prison sentence of Jimmy Chin Song.

Song was found guilty of punching Yunmo Ku in the head after the two got into an argument at a karaoke bar in Harmon in June of 2011. Ku went into a coma, and died 5 days later, after he was taken off life supports.

In September of that year, Song was sentenced to 7 years after being convicted of manslaughter, and aggravated assault. He still has about five years left on his sentence.

Song’s Attorney Randy Cunliffe filed the motion for a reduction in Song’s sentence after the Guam Supreme Court rejected Song’s bid to have his conviction overturned last December.

Ku’s mother, Young Sook Ku, opposed the motion, telling Judge Perez in a statement that she continues to suffer from depression because of her son’s death.

“Jimmy Chin Song forever imprisoned Yunmo’s life at the age of 27 and imprisoned my life, our family’s life, the moment he murdered my son,” she said.  Young Ku emphasized that the Court had already shown leniency by suspending five of Song’s 12 year sentence.

Song’s family also submitted statements begging Judge Perez to have mercy on their family. Song’s wife said quote “our family is in great pain and has not been able to live lives the way it is meant to be lived. Two children are suffering from their father’s mistake.” end quote.