Judge issues no contact order to DOC officers in conspiracy case


Six out of the 13 Defendants facing 51 charges in a conspiracy to promote prison contraband were order to stay away from Depcor.
Guam – While the trial was continued, Judge Vernon Perez did issue a no contact order to the defendants prohibiting them from making contact with the Department of Corrections. As you may recall six of the defendants are DOC officers they are, Head of internal Affairs Jeff Limo, Gerry Hocog, Fermin Maritita, Frankie Rosalin, Jerome San Nicolas and Ed Crisostimo.

Attorney Jay Arriola objected to the plausibility of the order stating, “Because management at the department has started issuing notices of adverse action, requiring these employees to respond orally or in writing or in person. My client has been required attend to DOC adverse action.”
But Judge Perez remained firm stating “If there is something administrative then let it be addressed as such. I don’t want anybody disadvantaged by it if the safety of the community or an agency is at issue which is what the indication is I am inclined to order it.”

If a violation of the order is found, Perez states that the charge carries a 5 year minimum prison sentence and would be deemed as a commission of a felony while on felony release.

Judge Perez also scheduled a motion hearing for October 16 at 10:30 am. He will address two motions to sever Gerry Hocog and Paul Lynnwood Johnson cases from the co-defendants. A motion to withdraw by attorney Samuel Tekker will also be heard.