Judge Orders Deadlines for DOC to Meet


Federal Judge issues order to DOC to meet certain deadlines as part of the stipulated agreement.

Guam – After two days of meetings with stakeholders in the Department of Corrections consent decree, Federal Judge Alex Munson issued several orders for DOC to meet deadlines with regards to its ability to provide adequate care for inmates and detainees.



Judge Munson ordered several requirements for DOC and the timelines are significantly shorter than what DOC had originally proposed. There are various deadlines stretching between 30 to 270 days ranging from establishment of a health record format and informed consent forms, an infection control program and pharmaceutical operations, a sufficient screening process for all incoming prisoners as well as emergency services and continuity of care.

They are also required to establish a suicide prevention policy. In 180 days, they must establish an effective health assessment on all incoming prisoners, something they currently lack.

One of the more major requirements is that within 180 days DOC must establish a proper sick call assessment which is conducted on a timely basis and in a clinical setting. As it stands, DOC is not able to meet its sick call requirements as they have only one physician to handle all the sick calls for over 700 prisoners.

Judge Munson also ordered that DOC hire at least one more nurse within 180 days. They currently only have 4 full time nurses.

They were also given a deadline of September 30 this year to fix their electronic locking system, which is a mandate in place since the stipulated order was agreed upon over 20 years ago.

Finally, interesting to note is that Judge Munson ordered that DOC file a progress report every 30 days, but these reports will be sealed from the public. 

Read the order below.