Judge Orders GovGuam to Decide on Route 4 Enhancements


Guam – Guam District Court Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood issued an order on the controversial consent decree regarding the Route 4 safety enhancements.


Judge Gatewood ruled that discretion lies with the government of Guam on whether or not it wants to fund the improvements to Route 4, which leads to the Layon Landfill.

The Calvo Administration had previously proposed halting the Route 4 safety enhancements as a way to save the government money and also because the government had determined that it is not a top priority in terms of closing down the Ordot Dump.

Judge Gatewood acknowledged that GovGuam’s proposed solution was repeatedly opposed by the Department of Justice and Federal Receivers Gershman Brickner and Bratton.

She also noted that some elected leaders voiced concerns about the Route 4 enhancements. But she ultimately decided that “the project is not directly related to the Ordot Dump nor is it directly related to the operation of the Layon Landfill.”

You can read her decision by clicking on the file below.