Judge Rules in Torre Murder Case, Will Allow Body Cam Footage


Judge Michael Bordallo ruled in favor of the prosecution to allow body cam footage taken the night Sgt. Elbert Piolo was killed into evidence for the high profile trial.

Guam – A decision was just issued in the high profile Mark Torre Jr. murder case. Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo denied a defense request to not allow body cam footage to be admitted as evidence.


Citing the former police officer’s law enforcement background, Judge Bordallo noted that Torre and his father, Lt. Mark Torre Sr. have a history within the police department, indicating that as such, they are familiar with how interrogations and arrests are made.

Defense Attorney Jay Arriola had argued that Torre’s Miranda rights were violated when police questioned him at the murder scene without first reading him his Miranda rights.

But in his decision, Judge Bordallo noted that in addition to Torre’s law enforcement training, the manner in which Torre was interviewed by police at the scene was supportive rather than investigative.

Bordallo also noted that Torre was not restrained nor was he restricted from speaking with family or leaving the premises. Bordallo also pointed out that Torre was allowed to go to the hospital via ambulance without a police monitor.

Torre is facing murder charges in the shooting death of Sgt. Elbert Piolo who was shot in the chest last year July. You can read the decision by clicking on the file below.