Judge will allow Lotte to remain at airport until Supreme Court decision


Guam – It looks like Lotte Duty Free will be able to stay and continue to operate its retail shops inside the AB Won Pat International Airport–at least for now.

That’s because Superior Court Judge Arthur Barcinas paved the way for the Supreme Court to make a ruling on a five-year-old lawsuit between former concessionaire DFS Guam, Lotte Duty Free, and the Guam International Airport Authority.

Barcinas ruled in favor of the Airport Authority, granting their motion to stay an earlier decision he made in that lawsuit, pending an appeal made by the airport to the higher court.

DFS had opposed the awarding of the airport’s concession agreement to Lotte in 2013, claiming Lotte had bribed board members with gift and hotel stays. On February 4 of this year, Barcinas ruled in DFS’ favor and voided the airport’s contract with Lotte.

The Airport filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, and asked Barcinas to put a hold on his decision to nullify the concession agreement until after the higher court reviewed and made a ruling on the case.

Barcinas granted that stay last Friday, allowing the current concession agreement the airport has with Lotte to remain intact until that Supreme Court decision.

When he ruled in favor the DFS back in February, Barcinas allowed Lotte to operate and remain on airport property until the airport issues another contract through a procurement process.