Judiciary announces new 4-year strategic plan

Chief Justice Katherine A. Maraman said the strategic plan describes the long-range objectives and goals for the island's court system.

The Judiciary of Guam today released its fourth strategic plan, for the period 2020 to 2023.

The eight-month-long, community-wide effort culminated in a
71-page document that was put together in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts.

“This strategic plan describes the long-range objectives and goals for our island court system,” said Chief Justice Katherine A. Maraman. “Since 2007, the strategic plan has provided a direction for Guam’s judicial branch.”

The planning effort revolved around the use of a High-Performance Court Framework that provides a comprehensive set of organizing concepts that describe what a high-performing court seeks to accomplish, demonstrates how a
court’s objectives are affected by its managerial culture, identifies measurable categories of performance and suggests approaches on how to assemble and use performance information.

Utilizing a High Performing Court Survey, a Court Patron Survey, and interviews with judicial officers, staff and court stakeholders, the Strategic Plan reflects the work by the
Judiciary of Guam to better understand the performance of Guam’s trial and appellate courts and what things can be done to achieve high performance.

“This process was surely different than what we had done in the past,” said Administrator of the Courts John Q. Lizama. “The effort was done to ensure that we renew our commitment to provide access to justice for all — the core of what the Superior and Supreme Courts of Guam does in service to our people.”

Similar to previous Strategic Plans, an outcome is the identification of Strategic Focus Areas essential to maintaining a workplace and court culture that will enable achievement
of each objective outlined in the Focus Areas in support of the Plan.

The Strategic Focus Areas for the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan are:

• Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders, and Treatment Courts

• Technology
• Case Management Practices
• Education and Training/Employee Excellence
• Community Relations/Stakeholders

“I believe that this strategic plan may be our most ambitious yet,” said Chief Justice Maraman. “It is one that I know our organization and Guam’s criminal justice system can achieve if we work together to enhance the services we offer our community.”

The 2020-2023 Strategic Plan can be found on the judiciary’s website at www.guamcourts.org.