Junior Achievement Season is Coming Soon


Student entrepreneurs are forming companies and coming up with products to sell to the public; all the while, competing with other student-led companies.

This means that the Junior Achievement season is upon us.

PNC’s Devin Eligio spoke to Mark Wang, a JA student board member and former President of the Year, about the upcoming season.

Wang said, “Junior Achievement is a program that’s been on Guam for over 40 years.”

Wang added, “It’s a really great opportunity for students to come together and put something together and produce a product that they can showcase at the end.”

Junior Achievement is the largest non-profit organization aimed to teach students work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.

One way JA achieves this is by hosting Company of the Year competitions — in which students form student-led companies to create a product that will benefit the community and ultimately sell the product to the public.

All the while competing against other student companies.

We spoke to Mark Wang, who was crowned the President of the Year during last year’s competition. He was the President of Fouha Crafts, last season’s top company.

They made pyramids made out of resin that showcased ocean scenery.

Their product aimed to promote environmental awareness and preservation.

Wang said,”If you’re making a profit, consider: do you want to donate certain portions to a community organization? And so we did that.”

Mark currently serves as the student member on the JA Board. And while Mark won’t be competing this season, he will be behind the scenes as the student voice for Junior Achievement.

Here’s what he’s looking forward to this season saying, “Definitely trade fairs. We’re excited to have those.” He added, “And really also an opportunity for the public to engage with these different JA teams.”

Wang parted us with a piece of advice to this year’s teams. The core of his message being the importance of teamwork.

He said, “Just know that, you know, you are a team. Trust each other, be able to count on each other. And really know that it’s not one person that’s going to take the team to the finish line. Everyone needs to contribute their fair share.”

The top two companies will represent Guam in the regional competition where they will face off against several countries throughout the Asia/Pacific region.

Mark’s company, Fouha Crafts, will compete in the Asia/Pacific competition virtually this November.

Registration for JA’s Company of the Year program is still open. Students can register online on JA-GUAM.ORG.

Reporting for the Pacific News Center
I’m Devin Eligio


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