Jurors in Sardoma Drug Trial Accused of Posting Biased Opinions on Facebook


Guam – Two jurors who sat through the Sardoma Drug trial have been ordered to return to court to answer questions about potential juror misconduct.


Mateo Sardoma, Rudy Sablan and Maria Cristina Edrosa were found guilty on October 29 on of numerous counts of drug trafficking and firearms charges. The trial began on June 14, 2013 and lasted for several months until October 2013.

Sablan’s defense attorney, Louie Yanza, has filed a motion in District Court with the proposed questions he has for at least four of the jurors.

Some of the questions relate to social media posts that were allegedly made on Facebook between some of the jurors. In one of them posted on May 16, 2013, Yanza says Juror number 7, Brandi-Jo Fiti posted “You’re guilty son lol.”

“What did you mean?” Yanza asks in his motion, along with other questions, such as, “Why didn’t you respond to the question on the questionnaire about your bias?”

An evidentiary hearing has been scheduled for February 25 at 1 pm. Defense attorneys are then expected to make their arguments on a motion for new trial.