Jury finds Juan Faisao Mendiola guilty of manslaughter

Juan Faisao Mendiola

After trial, a jury found 58-year-old Juan Faisao Mendiola guilty of shooting and killing Peter John Tadeo Rios Jr. in May 2020.

An eyewitness testified she was in the bedroom trying to wake her friend when she heard
Mendiola and Rios getting into a verbal argument. When she walked out, she saw the
victim holding a knife and Mendiola with a gun. Mendiola fired two shots 23 seconds apart
at the victim while saying “I told you not to f*** with me.” The victim was found by
responding police officers with a pool of blood forming around his stomach area and a knife
underneath him.

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Jurors found Mendiola guilty of Manslaughter as a First Degree Felony and Aggravated
Assault as a Second Degree Felony with the Special Allegation in the Possession of Use of a
Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony. The jury acquitted Mendiola of Murder as a
First Degree Felony.

Prosecuting Attorney Sean Brown said, “Today’s verdict is a strong reminder that life holds
immense value, and every person deserves a full life and the opportunities that come with
it. The Jury recognized that Mr. Mendiola failed to see that on the fatal day of May 4,
2020,” he said.

“The verdict also confirms that firearms are used far too easily when people are dealing
with emotions and there is no excuse for the conduct entered into by Mr. Mendiola. The
People of Guam thank the jury for their service and time,” he said.

Mendiola is scheduled to be sentenced on November 5, 2021, at 11 am before Presiding
Judge Alberto C. Lamorena III and faces 8 to 40 years incarceration at the Department of

(OAG Release)