Just Baked Guam: Delicious, hand-made cakes with a difference

Just Baked Guam is a small and locally owned business that sells innovative and delicious cakes for any occasion. (PNC photo)

This young business owner has captivated Guam’s attention and taste buds with her delicious and creative confections.

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram, you’ve most likely come across the unique and intricately made cakes from Just Baked Guam.

Just Baked Guam is a small and locally owned business that sells innovative and delicious cakes for any occasion, which has recently gained some buzz around Guam’s community.

Many would assume that a large machine produces these precise and creative confections with the massive influx of cake orders. However, the baking, design, and packaging are all done by one inspiring young woman.

Selah Chong, owner Just Baked Guam (PNC photo)

Selah Chong is the founder and leading baker of Just Baked Guam, and at just 20 years old, has successfully navigated how to run a business. Growing up, Chong naturally gravitated towards traditional baking– often following boxed brownie and cake recipes as a guide. After realizing that she had a knack for baking, she eventually branched out into creating original cake recipes and designs.

“So I started to get really into it where I could eventually adjust my own recipes into how I like them. Then, I started to realize that I’m actually kind of good at baking. So, I wanted to branch out more and do cake. I feel like I was really intimated by cake, because of the design I also love cake design coz I feel like I’m a pretty artsy person, so I do like to show my creative expression through my cakes a lot,” Selah said.

According to Selah, she enjoys all aspects of managing a small business—from marketing her brand and being her own photographer and distributor. On top of expressing herself creatively, Selah says that she is excited to offer a modern array of cakes for Guam’s community to choose from, inspired by Korean baking. When asked about Just Baked Guam’s developmental process, Selah stated:

“No one on Guam has this, and that was the one thing that really made me want to start the business — because it wasn’t on Guam yet — and I felt like it could sell. A lot of people love cute things, especially the packaging, in a cute lunch-box cake. As much as the design was important, the taste was important too. And so, it was a whole two-month process before I even started the business … like handing out different buttercreams and cream cheeses to my parents and making them try it.”

According to Selah, she plans to expand her menu options in the future and is looking forward to attending culinary school in the fall. She hopes that she can inspire other young women to pursue their passions and excel in entrepreneurship.

For more details, visit Just Baked Guam on Instagram.