Just Lose It Offers Healthy Dining Options in Tamuning


 If you’re on a restricted diet, there’s a new dining option for you. Just Lose It opened in Tamuning earlier this month.


Guam – It doesn’t matter which side of the political divide you’re on, customers we found at the new Just Lose It restaurant today all agree that “Healthy never tasted so good.”


“It has the best hamburgers,” Vice Speaker BJ Cruz (D) told PNC after he was found dining at the new restaurant.

“The food was very tasty very fresh I had the grilled chicken with the asparagus,” Senator Frank Blas Jr (R), who was sitting across the restaurant from Cruz, said.

Jon Hsieh opened the restaurant a couple of weeks ago after seeing the need for healthy dining options on Guam.

“I was actually pretty over weight believe it or not,” Hsieh told PNC. “I had a really hard time finding a place to eat.”

Hsieh now offers a restaurant where everything on the menu is healthy. He adds that the meats they use are free of GMO’s and the beef is grass fed. For those who eat gluten free, they make Tapioca buns fresh every day.