Justice Raefimwar Charged With Robbery After Climbing Through Window Into an 8 Year Old Girl’s Bedroom


Guam – Justice Raefimwar is accused of climbing through the bedroom window of an 8 year old girl just after midnight Tuesday.  The incident occurred at a home inYigo.

Raefimwar was charged Wednesday in Superior Court with 1 count of 2nd Degree Burglary.

According to the Magistrate’s complaint, when the 8 year old went to wake up her mother to report the break-in.  However the report says when the suspect saw the young girl in the room, he “jumped out of the window and ran away.”

However he left his backpack behind, next to the window. Inside were “multiple IDs belonging to Justice Raefimwar.”

Raefimwar lives next door.

READ the Magistrate’s report HERE [4th one down]   

When police arrived they went next door and asked Raefimwar to step outside where the girl identified him as the person who broke into her room. Later, at the precinct, when Raefimwar was being read his Miranda Rights, he “spontaneously uttered, “Its my fault.'”

Raefimwar then waived his rights and “admitted that he went halfway inside the residence, but did not completely enter because the girl yelled for police,” states the Magistrate’s report.

He has been booked and confined.