K-Mart Guam Pulls Baby Wipes From Shelves After Customer Finds Glass Shards


The customer reportedly bought the two-pack baby wipes from K-mart on Guam.

Guam – Guam K-mart is pulling Huggies brand wipes from their shelves after they received a complaint from a customer who reported finding shards of glass inside the package of baby wipes.

K-mart HR Coordinator Daisy Lee tells PNC that the customer claimed to have found the glass shards inside the 2-pack Huggies baby wipes.

Lee says they have already contacted the manufacturers as well as the local distributor for the baby wipes to verify the complaint. For now, Lee says, K-mart will remove the baby wipes from the shelves.


  1. The fact that the company hasn’t issued a recall must mean that they have suspicions on whoever reported the glass in the first place. Maybe this person should be investigated.

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