Kat FM unveils new look and new sound


You can find out more info by checking out Kat FM’s webpage!

Guam – Formerly known as 105 the Kat FM, Guam’s favorite radio station is now simply…Kat FM. With a new look and a ramped-up sound, KAT FM promises to span generations with its hits from the 90’s and into the millennium now.



Don’t worry, you can still find the Kat at 105.1 FM as well as you can still live stream the station. Pauly Suba, AKA, Pauly X, host of the Pauly experience, says the new KAT FM will help merge generations of listeners who may not know that some of their favorite artists today, such as Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani, got their start in the 90’s. What’s often easy to forget, says Pauly X, is If you were born in the 90’s you are now he calls “adulting.” The revamped playlist airs the best of both worlds and even offers perspective on some of the hottest artists today.


“Well, we are speaking to all generations. When the parents are in the car, the kids are too. And some of the kids will be [say], ‘hey Justin Timberlake, hey Bruno Mars.’ And then we’ll be [say]–the dad or the mom or the older brother– be like ‘what you know about Justin Timberlake? You don’t know…check out this track right here. They only know today. They only know Gwen Stefani. They don’t know Gwen Stefani in No Doubt. We got the tracks right here on Kat FM. So when they hear it, it bridges the generations together,” says Suba.