Kel Muna talks about the challenges and opportunities of making films during a pandemic

This is GIFF's 10th year and with the governor's current social distancing directive, Kel Muna, the festival program director, says they plan to kick off the event virtually in the fall.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many restrictions and limitations. But despite the challenges, a filmmaker has found a silver lining.

Adjunct Professor and Guam International Film Festival Program Director Kel Muna says the biggest challenge in filmmaking is access to the crew, talent, and overall access to administrative requirements and duties.

“Although things have slowed, one silver lining is that the COVID restrictions definitely forced me to think much more creatively than I have in quite a while. So we are thinking of ways to virtually produce, looking at ways to correspond with talents through distance, whether its zoom interviews, or direction, or access to production gear. And I have been dabbling with shooting video on my new mobile phone,” Muna said.

It all started many years ago, when Muna started producing local televised commercials. That’s when he recognized you can create endless possibilities in a 30-second commercial spot.

Back in the day, there were no resources so Muna traveled off-island to get his film degree. From there, he formed a company and decided to make a movie.

Kel was always creative and had to make do with what he had and that’s when the Guam International Film Festival was born in 2011.

Muna says the festival aims to provide an international professional platform for local artists and storytellers that will encourage, help, and perpetuate the culture, the stories, and social and environmental issues.

Kel encourages everyone to use this time to exercise their creativity whether it be writing, filmmaking, creating music, or other kinds of creative activity.

“Instead of looking out, take this time to be introspective and look inward and you will be surprised at what you find,” Muna said.

The 10th annual Guam International Film Festival will begin on Saturday, Nov. 7 and will run every weekend through December 5th…

This will be the first virtual version of the festival which will stream live online for free, worldwide. For more information check out