Ken Barcinas Swims Away With Scholarship


Guam – Guam Swimmer Ken Barcinas recently accepted a swimming scholarship to attend Yamanshi Gakuin University, located approximately 100km due west of Tokyo, where he intends to study Sports Management and continue training through the next two Olympic Games.   Barcinas holds the Guam National Record in the 200meter butterfly at 2:13.46, but plans to focus on the 200meter freestyle leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games where he is approximately seven seconds off the qualifying mark of 1:50.76.

One of the biggest differences at the collegiate level is the mental toughness of teammates, Barcinas noted, “Practice is very tough, from beginning to end, but training together with your teammates and watching them refuse to give up, motivates me to stay mentally strong and not to give up either.”  Enjoying this new challenge he added, “But at the end of the day, you feel relieved and stronger because you accomplished finishing the workout.”

Schoolwork is challenging too, but he’s encouraged to complete his degree in order to give back to Guam Swimming, “so the younger developing kids will enjoy it more!”

Well prepared locally by the support of Mother Rumi, Father Gerry, little brother Renji, Coach Toshi Iijima, teammates and friends on the Tsunami Swim Club and all Guam Swim Clubs, and local clothier Fokai Ind., Ken remains extremely appreciative and committed to maintaining this course.  “I want to thank everyone for all the support and I will continue to do my best to represent Guam in all that I do.”

While his first competition for school will not begin until late July, Ken will return to Guam for the Guam Swimming Federation National Championships May 27-28.  He will also swim to defend his title in the Cocos Crossing Ocean Swim Race on May 29, Guam’s most historic open water swim event, where he established a new course record in 2010.

Information from a press release.