Guam Kyokushinkai Karate Hosting ‘Kicks For A Cause’ This Saturday


Guam – Guam Kyokushinkai and The Hagatna Martial Arts Center will host Kicks For A Cause – A Benefit For Japan Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 at the Agana Shopping Center.

Students from Guam Kyokushinkai will be participating in a kick-a-thon and board breaking demonstrations to raise funds for the International Karate Organization’s earthquake and tsunami relief effort and the American Red Cross. Many dojos (training halls) were damaged or destroyed near the epicenter of the earthquake and areas impacted by the subsequent tsunami. The IKO has setup a fund to fulfill requests from these dojos for emergency supplies and equipment as well as to start the rebuilding process.

The event starts at 2pm at the Agana Shopping Center at the center court area. The event will start with the kick-a-thon where students receive pledges on the number of kicks they perform. The goal is for students to do at least 200 kicks. The second part of the event is a demonstration where students will break boards for a minimum suggested donation amount or will have  pledges for each board that is broken. Students 10-15 years old will only be allowed to break 2 boards at a time while students 16 years and older will be allowed to break more than 2 at a time. Other martial arts organizations and clubs are welcome to participate.

You can contact Event Coordinator Chris Biolchino 482.8860/988.4205 or for more information and participation.

Information from a press release.